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Agent Representation

To sell with you must be represented by a certified real estate agent who can list your property in your local or regional MLS (Multiple Listing Service). If your agent isn't certified they can quickly get up to speed via our online certification program. Certification is free and brings many benefits, including learning best practices for maximizing sale price on our platform. If you don't have an agent, we can refer you to a top-producing, expert agent in your area.


Create an Account and List your Property

When you and your agent are ready to list your property, you'll both need accounts, which are free to create. The Create Account link can be found in the upper right corner of our website. Once your accounts are created, your real estate agent can link their account to yours and manage the sale of your home on your behalf. You'll be able to follow the action in real-time and, if you wish, participate in the process. Once your agent has listed your home in the MLS, a rep will create the listing on our platform.


Your Home is Marketed and Buyers Register listings receive intense interest, often getting over 100 showings in less than a week. During the showing stage, prospective buyers are able to register to place offers. They must submit documents indicating that they are able to purchase your home - a pre-approval letter from a lender or a bank statement showing that they have the money to support a cash offer.


Offers are fielded

Buyers compete to present their best offers, which are submitted online in an open format over the course of a fixed period. All offers, and all communications between buyers and the seller, are visible to all participants. This auction-like atmosphere drives prices to their true market level in a very short timeframe. There are five offer parameters: Price, type of finance contingency (none if cash), down payment (100% if cash), whether an inspection contingency is required, and days to close. All other conditions or contingencies are specified via comments which, as noted, are visible to all.


Offer Acceptance and Close

When the offer period ends, you and your agent will evaluate the offers and decide if you wish to accept one. In addition to the details of the offers you can also evaluate the qualifying documents that the buyers submitted when they registered - financing pre-approval letters and/or financial statements. If you accept an offer, the buyer and their agent will be notified immediately and the buyer's agent will prepare and submit a contract reflecting the terms of the offer. From this point forward, everything will proceed as with a typical real estate transaction.

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Selling the way

Get started with today!

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No commission or fee
out of the price you accept.


Home is sold in a pre-
determined timeframe


Pricing strategy drives
intense interest.


Buyers pitted against
each other, not seller.


Buyers know exactly
what's needed to win.


Sellers know they left
nothing on the table.


Buyer/agent only writes
contract when deal is reached.

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