gives Agents a Superpower

Benefits to Agents

More Money

Higher sale prices and shorter sale cycles

More Clients

High value referrals with high closing rates

Less Work

Less time spent on tedious, low-value tasks

Benefits to Sellers

Top Dollar

Open competition delivers highest market price

Fast Sale

Greatly compressed time frame

Low Cost

Commissions are added to sale price

Benefits to Buyers

Full Transparency

Buyers see all competitor offers

Fast Purchase

Greatly compressed time frame

Full Control

Easily make and reshape offers in real-time

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Four ways to grow your business with

Maximize sale price and minimize sale time

For your move-in ready listings, supercharges your ability to bring your clients highest possible price. Buyers have real-time access to the action and can see all offers as they are made, which stimulates maximal competition. Buyers know exactly what they need to do to win, and when buyers compete, sellers win!

This isn't possible without an advanced technology platform like All the old methods that buyer agents use, such as escalation clauses, go out the window. Plus, you get branding for yourself, your team and your brokerage. creates power tools for real estate and gives superpowers to agents.


Sell as-is properties fast for top dollar

Whether you're working with a bank, an attorney handling an estate sale, or have a lead on a home that needs full renovation, provides the most powerful transaction platform for the disposition of as-is property. Ours is the only auction platform provided exclusively to agents, and offers a special feature - a guaranteed sale. With our network of investors, we give you the ability to quickly arrange a cash sale and lock-in a closing date. Then, over the course of one week, we auction the property. If the auction brings a price higher than the guaranteed sale amount, you and your client make more money.

A guaranteed sale with a pre-set closing date plus the ability to make more money. This is another powerful tool in your arsenal, and it's what is all about: Helping you - the real estate agent - make more money while being more competitive, flexible, and efficient.


Receive leads and referrals from provides an exclusive opportunity for top real estate agents and teams to increase their listing pipeline with uniquely qualified seller leads and referrals. Experienced agents know that two to three listings can be secured in the time it takes to complete a single buyer transaction. With limited inventory making it challenging to find buyers homes, now is the time to refocus on building the listing side of your business. And the best way to accomplish this is with the Listing Lead and Referral Program. We have limited availability per territory, and our unique listing lead type makes for a high converting opportunity for the best real estate agents and teams.


Expert training to maximize results

Growing a large, successful real estate business requires focus on listing more homes. This is easy to understand but implementing a successful plan to accomplish it requires more than understanding. Our team of experts will help you build your business with at the core. The listing game is changing and has stayed ten steps ahead in helping agents compete and win more market share. Stay tuned for weekly webinars from our team with guest appearances from some of the biggest names in real estate.


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A new, superior way to buy and sell real estate
that maximizes efficiency, transparency,
convenience and competition.

There are numerous problems with the traditional way of
seling real estate. Here are a few - and their fixes.

Buyers don't know what's required to make a successful offer and are afraid to "bid against themselves" by offering too much. They are constrained by lack of knowledge.


With, buyers compete online by submitting offers in an open format and communicating with sellers via comments that are visible to all parties. This total transparency maximizes competition and delivers consistent, optimal results - to both sellers and buyers, who need never lose a deal for not knowing what's required to win.


Buyers can adjust their offers in response to both their competitors' positions and the seller's response to those positions, all of which are on clear display for everyone to see. Sellers, in turn, can influence offers by commenting on them and even adjusting the time frame of the offer period to optimize competition. For example, in a hot, seller's market, offers might be fielded in a highly compressed period, compelling buyers to compete intensively.

Negotiation pits sellers against buyers, and sellers never know if they've left money on the table. Open competition pits buyers against buyers, and when buyers compete, sellers win.

Without knowing the likelihood of an offer being accepted a buyer's agent must show a property and then prepare and submit a lengthy contract. Until there is a decision from the seller the buyer's options are limited, for example, to make an offer on another property.

Efficiency, Convenience and Control streamlines the offer/counteroffer process: Instead of taking hours to prepare and review contracts, offers can be made in seconds at the click of a button. With minimal effort, buyers can make, and sellers can evaluate, dozens of offers.

All participants can easily and precisely manage the parameters under their control, like adjusting dials on a finely tunable device. Price, time-to-close, finance, inspection and other conditions are easily specified and evaluated. No contracts are written unless and until an offer is accepted, allowing both buyer and seller agents to maximize the value of their work while minimizing tedious, low value tasks.

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